Postdoctoral Positions

We currently do not have additional postdoctoral positions advertised. If you qualify and are interested in applying for an external postdoctoral fellowship, please write to Dr. Miro and he would be interested in learning more.

PhD Student Positions

Each spring and fall semester, the USD Graduate School and Chemistry Department admit new students to our program. My group is always interested in recruiting these students to join our group. At the moment, we are specifically searching for a highly motivated student to work on a project supported by the Department of Energy on lanthanide speciation and separations. Interested USD students should email Dr. Pere Miro and set up a meeting to discuss research. Prospective graduate students can write to either Dr. Miro or to Dr. CY Jiang, the graduate coordinator, to learn more about the application process.

Undergraduate Research

My group is continuously searching for USD science students (freshman to senior) interested in performing undergraduate research. I have multiple positions available during the Fall and Spring semesters as well as during summer. Interested applicants should send a short paragraph describing your research interests including the area of your major/minor to Dr. Pere Miro. If you are not sure, you can always email me to set up an informal meeting to learn more.

If you are not a USD student, but interested in performing summer research at USD, the Chemistry Department has an REU program that the Miro group participates in and co-directs. Apply here.