Group picnic in a socially distanced time. Celebrating Bala's (Miro group) graduation!

The closest we got to taking a photo with everyone on Thanksgiving! We had a lot of fun eating too much and playing games afterward. Katha and Arjun were probably looking for a cat when the photo was taken! I think the photo credit goes to Rabbani.

Vlaisavljevich and Miró Group Selfie, Summer 2019 (not pictured: Bala Selvaratnam)

Vlaisavljevich Group, Summer 2019

Group photo outtake, Summer 2019

Vlaisavljevich and Miró Groups, January 2018 (not pictured: Judy Wei, Ethan Hare, and Callie Wersal)

Vlaisavljevich and Miró Groups, Summer 2018

Computational Chemistry Workshop, June 2018

Pere, Taylor and Bess, Summer 2017