Vlaisavljevich Group, June 2022.

Vlaisavljevich Group, March 2022. We picked the coldest day of the week to take our group photo! Photo credit to Pere Miro who had to remind Bess twice that her mask was still on!

Vlaisavljevich Group, Summer 2021. Bess never remembered to take a zoom group photo in 2020!

Group picnic in a socially distanced time. Celebrating Bala's (Miro group) graduation!

The closest we got to taking a photo with everyone on Thanksgiving! We had a lot of fun eating too much and playing games afterward. Katha and Arjun were probably looking for a cat when the photo was taken! I think the photo credit goes to Rabbani.

Vlaisavljevich and Miró Group Selfie, Summer 2019 (not pictured: Bala Selvaratnam)

Vlaisavljevich Group, Summer 2019

Group photo outtake, Summer 2019

Vlaisavljevich and Miró Groups, January 2018 (not pictured: Judy Wei, Ethan Hare, and Callie Wersal)

Vlaisavljevich and Miró Groups, Summer 2018

Computational Chemistry Workshop, June 2018

Pere, Taylor and Bess, Summer 2017